14 Things Rabbits Love the Most

There are a few things in this world that rabbits like more than a fresh meal.
In this video, we will discover 14 things rabbits love the most.

Although many cartoons have misconstrued that rabbits are obsessed with carrots, the truth is that rabbits love bananas more than any other fruits in the world.
Small, dark hiding spots
Rabbits are prey animals and they find the most comfort in small, dark places where they can hide and feel safe. In their natural habitat, rabbits protect themselves from predators with underground tunnels they can run into and hide.
Make sure to make your rabbit a hideout, like a wooden house in the style of a small kennel, so that they can have alone time and feel safe when needed.
Rabbits’ teeth will grow continuously all their lives, and they’re designed to be worn down to the right length by grinding away at food. In the wild, a rabbit’s buffet menu often includes hard vegetation such as hay, twigs, tree bark, and other material that requires lots of chewing. The extensive chewing keeps their growing teeth under control.
Spreading their scent
Like many other animals, rabbits are territorial creatures and they love marking their territory by spreading their scent.
In order to mark their territory, a rabbit will often do something called chinning.
Rabbits have scent glands under their chins. When they rub their chin against something, a tiny amount of their specific scent is deposited on that object, essentially marking it as theirs.
Rabbits also mark their scent through their droppings, urine, and licking.
Being clean
Rabbits are very clean animals, and they will spend a lot of time grooming themselves. They don’t like your greasy or dirty hand on their fur, and their breath or body doesn’t release any bad odors noticeable to a human nose.
Rabbits are curious creatures, and they love having the chance to explore new places and run around.
Make sure to provide your bunny a large enough space to run around and satisfy their explorative nature. You can even build a nice playground area for them. Cat tunnels are great gifts for your rabbit as they simulate their tunnels and burrowing systems.
A good massage
Studies have shown that petting is beneficial to the health of both you and your bunny. Petting your bunny decreases their heart rate, and increases a happy molecule in them called serotonin.
The best places to pet rabbits are their forehead and behind their ears. They also love getting strokes down their back or around the shoulders.
Rabbits are highly social animals. In the wild, they live in large colonies that have intricate rules and hierarchies. As pets, they still have these social instincts, and they love to spend time with the other members of the household.
Fresh hay
It’s important to give your rabbit high quality hay. It needs to smell nice and be dust free. Fresh and greenish hay is better than brown hay.
Be careful of some bagged hay from pet shops. Many have not had the dust extracted.
Being active
Rabbits are very active and energetic animals. Their bodies were built to run fast so that they can escape from predators. To maintain their health, pet rabbits need a lot of space and time to exercise.
Eating their Cecotropes
Have you ever caught your rabbit doing this? Well, your bunny is eating their cecotropes, which are soft feces that are nutrient-rich.
When your bunny appears to be bathing their belly and they come up chewing, they are actually eating a cecal pellet. It is from these cecal pellets that rabbits get the majority of their nutrition.
It’s important that you as a loving pet parent respect your rabbit’s nature. So, if your rabbit eats their own droppings, let them, as preventing them from their own nature can cause anxiety and confusion.
A little sunshine
Recent research suggests that sunlight is important for a rabbit’s health.It helps them get their vitamin D, which keeps their bones and teeth healthy.
If your rabbit is stuck in sunshine for long periods, they will overheat and suffer from heatstroke which can be life threatening.
Being with you
Rabbits might be in just a small part of our lives, but to them, we are their whole life. They appreciate you and try to show their affection in many ways. Spending time with them will make them happy, and will lead to a longer-lasting and trusting relationship. Make sure not to isolate yourself from your rabbit.
#2. Digging some dirt
Rabbits love to dig. In the wild, they dig holes for shelter, for maternal reasons, to create warrens, to hide from predators, and to regulate their temperature. And beyond instincts, bunnies also dig for fun. It helps them let off some energy.
While rabbits in the wild dig all the time, pet rabbits rarely have the opportunity to. Luckily, you can fill a container or cardboard box with dirt so your rabbit can dig in. A digging box is one of the best free toys you can make for your little pet.