5 Freshwater Aquarium Essentials | Chewy

Hey there pet parents! Do you fancy a fin-tastic freshwater fantasy, but need a little help getting started? Then you’ve surfed to the right spot because this video filled with tips on how to set up a fish tank and stock your freshwater aquarium with all the essentials is a great jumping off point for new parents to fishy family members. You can make things go swimmingly with a fish tank starter kit. The API 360 View Fish Tank Starter Kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started, including a power filter to keep the tank clean and a freshwater aquarium light with LED bulbs to light the way for your finned friends! If you want to set up freshwater aquarium decorations for your fish to swim through then you’re definitely on the right track! These help recreate a natural environment for your fish and help them feel comfortable in their new home. A cave will mimic your the hiding spots your beginner aquarium fish would naturally hang out in in the wild. Substrate like gravel is also important when you set up freshwater aquarium habitats. You can add GloFish Accent Gravel to your list of freshwater aquarium supplies in order to insert an extra pop of color and keep your fish’s habitat looking lively. Finally, your fish is not fine with fluctuations on the fahrenheit scale! Get them a heater to help keep them happy and healthy with a consistent water temperature.

And there you have it, now you know how to set up a fish tank. Now that conditions are clear ahead, you’re ready to pick up a Fish Tank Starter Kit and other freshwater aquarium essentials over at Chewy.com!

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