8 Top Tips For Taming Baby Guinea Pigs!!

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A quick recap:
Before following any of these steps, it is recommended we leave our new guinea pigs to settle into the cage for a few days first. This might not be so easy if you are introducing them to existing piggies and want to make sure they are getting along okay. Also – taming takes a long time, often months, and varies between individual piggies. If you’re worried your baby piggies are still skittish and scared of you, do not give up on them, persevere, be patience and they will get there eventually.

My tips for taming!
1. Spend time talking to them and not touching, but placing your hand in the cage for them to sniff (don’t worry if they prefer not to approach you). This helps them get used to your presence.

2. Set up a route for cleaning and feeding times, not only useful for taming but handy for us too when we have to fit caring for guinea pigs around school/work.

3. Hand feeding! We = Food! This is the best way to help our guinea pigs become tame. At first, if they run away when you offer food, don’t chase them around with the food, keep your hand in one place and eventually they will slowly come forward and take the treat. You can also try lying your hand flat on the cage floor with food on top, slowly they will gather round to feed!

4. Stroking/petting them when in the cage – this helps to get them used to being stroked and understand that you don’t mean them any harm!

5. Take them out of the cage for laptime. Picking them up can be difficult at first, use a bed/blanket to scoop them up in to make it easier. Take them away from the cage, somewhere quiet to begin with. When they are more confident, you can have the TV/radio on.

6. Expose them to sounds/music/TV/radio. Really helps them get used to hearing strange noises and human voices. Not during night time though.

7. Let them learn from an adult piggie – this will happen naturally if they live together. You can try taking them for laptime together, particularly if the adult is very laid back, then the youngster will see that there’s nothing to be scared of. Don’t worry about this one if there are no adult piggies/brave piggies to do this with.

8. Spend time with them during floortime. A great way to bond which allows the piggies to come up and investigate you!

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