A train with 777 cats was outrageous.

Today, I took the “Tama Train Museum” from Kishi Station in Wakayama Prefecture to Wakayama Station.
There are currently five unique trains that run from Wakayama Station to Kishi Station, and the trains that run differ depending on the day.

Not only the exterior but also the interior is very luxurious, and wherever you look, there are cats, cats, cats.
The number is 777 animals.

It was a wonderful and fun train.

[Price] Kishigawa Line One-day Pass
・800JPY/ 5.6USD/ 462.6INR/ 7.4CAD/ 5.0EUR/ 4.3GBP/ 40.5CNY/ 7259.9KRW
[Route] Kishi Station – Wakayama Station
[Distance and time] 14.3km (8.8mile), about 30 minutes
[Train] Tama Train Museum
[HP] https://wakayama-dentetsu.co.jp/
[Impression of the trip]
・The stationmaster’s cat at Kishi Station is so cute
・The train is unified in black and it is very cool
・A train that can hear cats
・ The interior is so luxurious that you want to sit in various chairs
・Because it is a local line, the surrounding area is very quiet.

0:00 Introduction
1:07 Introduction to Kishi Station
2:06 Train arrival
2:38 Exterior introduction
3:36 rush inside
7:21 View from the top
9:25 snack time
11:21 Lunch
13:05 Take a unique train to Kishi Station
14:06 Meet the station master
14:14 Thank you for watching!

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