Adult Bearded Dragon Care Guide – 2021

Good Morning, Reptilians! This week is sort of a part 2 of a video from a few weeks back, where we exclusively went over baby bearded dragon care. Today we’re going over adult bearded dragon care.

Helpful Links:
Safe Food List –
Dubia Roach Gutloading Article (thanks @lwls_zoo on IG for this info!) –

Helpful Videos:
Bearded Dragon Lighting Guide –
How to Lower Humidity –
Importance of Enrichment –
Gutloading –
Bearded Dragon Feeders –
Common Beardie Issues –
New Bearded Dragon’s First Week –
Bearded Dragon Body Language –

0:00 Intro
1:15 Setup – Tank
2:36 Setup – Lights/Temps
4:51 Setup – Substrate
5:21 Transitioning Baby to Adult Diet
5:57 Feeding – Bugs
7:34 Feeding – Salads
9:10 Supplements
9:52 Feeding – Water
11:30 Shedding
12:29 Hygiene
12:56 Common Issues
13:54 Outro
14:02 Ad Read –
15:23 Shoutouts
15:58 Bloopers

Helpful Items:
Temperature Gun –
Thermometer/Hygrometer Analog –
Thermometer/Hygrometer Digital –
Dome with Dimmer Switch –
Arcadia UVB –
Reptisun UVB –
Arcadia UVB/Fixture for 40g tank –
Heat Bulb –
Eco Clean Disinfectant –
Coccicidal Concentrated Disinfectant –
Fluker’s Disinfectant –
Dubia Dust Vitamins –
Arcadia Vitamins –
Herptivite –
Reptivite –
Zoo Med Repti Calcium w/ D3 –
Fluker’s Calcium w/o D3 –
Rep-Cal Calcium w/o D3 –
Reptisafe (for dechlorinating your water) –
Calcium Gutload –

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