Bearded Dragon Baby Secrets: Caring For Your Baby Bearded Dragon

Get the resources for caring for your bearded dragon baby here: (Additional resources for bearded dragon babies below).

Caring for a bearded dragon baby can be challenging. People ask me questions all the time about the details from diet, to shedding, and behavior. The questions I find asked most have to do with what bearded dragons eat, about their lights and cages and how to make sure they are easy to handle.

Naturally people want to know if they are friendly and good as family pets and the answer to this is absolutely! They are friendly little creatures, often bobbing and waving. They are easy to handle and enjoy companionship. Which leads to another question frequently asked, can you have two of them. You’ll have to watch the video to get your answer to that one! (Can’t give it all away here!) In fact you’ll find all the secrets you need to getting and caring for your bearded dragon baby if you watch the video. It won’t help you choose a name though! You’ll have to come up with that all by yourself (with a little help from your baby, no doubt!)

Be sure and visit the following sites for the resources mentioned in the video. The first two are the ones I recommend most for bearded dragon baby owners. The latter two are for those interested in raising and breeding beardies:

New Owners:


Happy Lizards!