Bearded Dragon Care

Please enjoy watching Zsasz dig an actual hole in my body. Also, the information is pretty helpful, too.

I realized while editing this that I missed a couple things. So here we go:
Color change – your bearded dragon will change colors. They’ll change as they age, they’ll darken up when they’re exposed to the sun to soak up the UVB, and they’ll lighten up if they’re sleeping or relaxed. So don’t panic if it changes color, unless it’s accompanied by other signs that could mean parasites.

Brumation – adult bearded dragons will sometimes brumate during colder temperates, just as they would in the wild. This is basically just a shorted/light version of hibernation, and not all beardies do it. Read more about it here:

Best place for information:

Safe food lists:

Dig box:

Her tank (this is the 36x18x18 version, I don’t think they sell mine anymore):

Her background was printed in the photo department at Walmart. It’s a 2×6 banner.

Her lights:
UVB hood:
UVB bulb:

Heat light:
Dome with dimmer:
Sometimes I use this at night in winter (ceramic heater):


Temperature gun:

Vitamin powder:

Calcium powder:



Watch me put in her background here:

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