Bearded Dragon Setup Guide 2023

Good Morning, Reptilians! Let’s talk about what all go into setting up a bearded dragon’s tank!

Things I Mention (some of these are affiliate links, meaning the prices are still the same for you, but a tiny percentage of your purchase goes towards supporting the channel 💜):
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TerraSahara by TheBioDude –
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Josh’s Frogs Bedding –
Lugarti Bedding –
Excavator Clay –
Temp Gun –
Reptisun UVB –
Arcadia 12% UVB –
Dimmable Dome (make sure to get the larger one, as it supports higher wattage bulbs) –
Heat Bulbs –
Thermometer/Hygrometer –
Solar Meter –

0:00 Intro
0:47 Enclosures
2:22 Enrichment
3:09 In The Tank…
3:14 Substrates
7:14 Hides
7:41 Food/Water Bowls
9:39 Heat/Lights
12:25 Other Stuff
13:00 Outro
13:14 Sponsor –
14:00 Shoutouts
14:19 Bloopers

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