BEGINNERS GUIDE: Become a Guinea Pig Owner in 2023!

Thinking of starting out with guinea pigs? Taking on guinea pigs, just like any other pet, is a big decision and a real commitment, especially if you want to be a good owner to them. Guinea pigs make amazing and incredibly unique pets! But navigating generic internet blogs and pet shop advice can be difficult – that’s why I made this guide with everything a new owner needs to consider and be prepared for. I hope you find this video useful, and let me know in the comments whether you’re getting guinea pigs, or how long you’ve owned them for! 😀🌻

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00:00 – Introduction
00:47 – Being a guinea pig owner, what’s it like?!
01:42 – Starter supplies: cages
03:05 – Bedding?
03:37 – Other supplies and accessories
04:11 – Diet essentials
05:07 – Where to get your guinea pigs from (and how many)?
06:11 – Bringing them home and what to expect
07:14 – Next steps
07:47 – My 5 tips and advice for new owners!

6 Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cages:
Where to Get Your New Guinea Pigs:
How to Tame Guinea Pigs:
Train you Guinea Pigs to Love Cuddles:
Guinea Pig Morning Routine:
Guinea Pig Enrichment:

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