Best Coldwater Fish 🐠(explained) in 12 minutes!

Are you looking for the Best Coldwater Fish For Your Aquarium?
These Coldwater Fish Species are ideal if you want to add some additional fish to your coldwater tank or build up a new coldwater fish tank.


Did you know that not all aquarium fish need warm water? The range might be a little more limited, but there are many fascinating species that you can keep in an unheated tank!

In this video, I’ll introduce 20 great coldwater fish you can keep in your aquarium. I’ll also share tips on keeping their water cool and other important information about their care.

I’ll be listing some important stats for each species, so you can make sure you’re making the right choice. These are:

-The fish’s scientific name.
-Its size when fully grown.
-How easy it is to care for.
-The minimum suitable tank size.
-The fish’s temperament.
-What the fish eats.
-Where it comes from.
-The water temperature the fish prefers.
-It’s swimming level in the aquarium.

00:00 Introduction
01:39 Japanese Rice Fish
02:13 Bloodfin Tetra
02:40 White Cloud Minnows
03:12 Panda Cory
03:40 Guppy Fish
04:12 Endler’s Livebearers
04:52 Bristle Nose Pleco
05:25 Dojo Loach
05:54 Rosy Barbs
06:24 Gold Barbs
06:57 Axolotl
07:36 Fancy Goldfish
08:13 Sunset Variatus
08:36 Celestial Pearl Danio
09:05 Zebra Danio
09:27 Paradise Fish
09:57 Mosquito Fish
10:25 Asian Stone Catfish
10:55 Rosy Red Minnows
11:17 Pygmy Sunfish

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