Bringing home a new Bearded Dragon – Daily Routines – Cookies Critters

Welcome to Cookie’s Critters.

In todays video we discuss all things bearded dragon routines including:
* Feeding,
* Drinking,
* Shedding, and
* Day and Night cycles.

We are reptile breeders in Western Sydney and this channel is to educate our customers and followers. The reptiles that we breed are Central Bearded Dragons, Pygmy Bearded dragons, Knob tail geckos, and Northern Velvet Geckos.

In the future our expansion will include Blue tongue skink morphs, carpet pythons and green tree pythons.

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Disclaimer: We are not experts, we are reptile enthusiasts sharing our experiences and what works for us. If you have any concerns about the health of your reptile, we always recommend seeking medical treatment ASAP.