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1 MILLION CATS IN AMERICA WITH ASTHMA ♦ With over 80 millions cats in US alone, it is estimated greater than 1% suffer from acute or chronic asthma, but probably more. The reason is that often when your kitty is having an asthma attack, it can be mistaken for coughing up a hairball. Although there is no cure, there are ways to effectively treat Asthma in cats. ♦

→ Question → Has your cat had any of the symptoms below?

FELINE ASTHMA SYMPTOMS ♦ Wheezing and/or rapid, laboured breathing. Persistent cough, looks like coughing a hairball but is unproductive. Squatting & shoulders hunched. Neck extended & low to the ground, frothy mucus while coughing. Lethargy. Open mouth breathing or labored breathing after exertion. Upward extended neck & gasping for breath? Luckily for kitties, just like humans, there is treatment! ♦

TREATMENT OPTIONS ♦ Commonly steroid injections or inhaler medicine. Inhalers = Effective, Less side effects, Very often less traumatic than your poor kitty getting needle pokes. An inhaler (aka puffer, MDI, metered dose inhaler) must be used with a feline aerosol chamber as a bridge between your cat & the inhaler to ensure drug delivery standards are met. If a feline aerosol chamber isn’t used, most of the drug ends up in the back of kitty’s throat & nose, leading to irritation & mild infection ♦

WHAT MAKES A QUALITY FELINE AEROSOL CHAMBER? ♦ Also known as feline spacers, feline aerosol chambers need to have low resistance inhalation & exhalation valves, so your kitty can breathe medication in & out easily. The valves can easily be used for monitoring each breath. Every part of the chamber must be able to be cleaned easily as cleaning instructions indicate in the box & dishwasher-safe. It must come with silicone mask sizes for best fit over kitty’s nose, & at least partially over the mouth ♦

THE SPACEKITTY ♦ The best feline aerosol chamber available today. With the lowest resistance, most highly optimized breathing valves in the world, you can rest assure that your kitty gets to catch their breath during an asthma attack or for daily maintenance. The SpaceKitty is Anti-Static, BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe & includes 2 best fit mask sizes that will fit any domestic cat. Help Your Kitty Catch Their Breath, Get The SpaceKitty Feline Aerosol Chamber Today! ♦

Indications For Use:

The SpaceKitty Feline Aerosol Chamber is intended for use with cats under the care of a veterinarian. The device is intended for administering aerosolized medication from most pressurized Meter Dose Inhalers prescribed by a veterinarian.


1) Remove the cap from the metered-dose inhaler (MDI) and shake well. (Must shake between all doses)
2) Push the MDI into the base of the SpaceKitty Feline Aerosol Chamber and apply mask.
3) Very gently place the mask to face ensuring an effective seal. Take care initially to help your cat adjust to the mask & avoid any anxiety. The blue valves will move as your cat inhales & exhales indicating a seal.
4) Depress the MDI only once, holding the mask in place for 5-7 breaths. This will provide most optimal drug delivery into your cat’s lungs.
5) Repeat the steps above only as prescribed by your veterinarian & indicated with the instructions supplied with the MDI.

Please Note:

1) Always check the instructions provided with your inhaler
2) Always check for foreign objects, broken or deteriorated parts.
3) Replace SpaceKitty immediately if any damage or missing parts are evident.
4) Check to see that the valve in the mouthpiece moves during inhalation & exhalation.
5) The product is not made with natural rubber latex.


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