Clicker Trained Cat: 30 Amazing Cat Tricks

Article about Kitty:

Circus Cat (follow pointed finger, pedestal, sit pretty)
Roll over
Touch a Target Stick
Perchwork, Follow a Target
Stick ’em up (sit up on back legs, paws up, stay)
Go to a mark, paw target
Service (ring a desk bell)
Play the piano
Prayers (paws up on an object, perchwork, bow your head)
Paws up high
Hoop jump
Jump over a dog’s back
Touch my hand
Wipe your paws
Play dead (stick ’em up, stay, play dead)
Cat in a box (hide in a box)

Kitty trained at home, working toward the “Trick Dog Title” program, in conjunction with my dog tricks class at Teamworks Dog Training.