Common Bearded Dragon Care Mistakes

When it comes to the proper care and maintenance of the bearded dragon, opinions vary greatly-especially regarding whether or not you can use sand, or feed dragons insects such as meal worms. However, in the three decades that we have been keeping and breeding these personable dragons, we have learned much and we’d like to share with you what has worked for us time and time again. After we have seen and heard many horror stories about pet stores and the improper reptile husbandry we decided to address these issues in this video. We know there will be those that disagree with us about some of these controversial things, but we will put our husbandry and the health of the dragons that we produce up against any in the country.

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The most important piece of your reptiles habitat.
The health and well being of your pet depends on having the right environment. Don’t trust it to cheap gauges that come in pet store “kits”. We have 3 of those side by side and they NEVER give the same readings. We have used the V.E. brand thermostats for years without problems, and how been found accurate when tested.
Most feeding and other health problems can be avoided when the environmental needs are met.
This is how we take the guess work out of our dragons environment: