Daily Guinea Pig Routine 2023!

Join the guinea pigs for their daily care routine! Featuring all the best bits of their day and the routine care jobs their devoted hooman has to do! Complete with popcorning and satisfying guinea pig munching!

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Skip around:
0:00 Introduction and meet the pigs!
0:33 First thing in the morning… guinea pig spying!
1:12 Breakfast.
2:05 Spot cleaning the cage
2:35 Breakfast number 2?!
3:06 Peaflake fun – streeeetch!
3:57 Daytime downtime
4:23 Evening cleaning of the litter tray
5:47 Piggie POPCORNING time!
7:02 Dinnertime
7:45 Getting the piggies out for laptime
8:29 ASMR piggie munching
9:09 Snuggles before bed 🧡

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