Daily Guinea Pig Routine | Spring 2015

Daily Guinea Pig Routine | Spring 2015

Thanks for watching! This was a highly requested video so I thought it was time to make an updated guinea pig routine as so much has changed since my last one. As you probably noticed from the video, the guinea pigs have a new cage! This is because they just weren’t using the space in the large cage and it seemed a waste; the reason we made the previous cage so large was because we just put all the sows together for the first time and we wanted to reduce the risk of them fighting by giving them more room however they all started to get along very well after introducing Bramley and I thought that it would be more practical to make the cage a little bit smaller – it is still large enough for 8 guinea pigs as it is 7×5 grids so they have plenty of space.
To find out more information about their new cage, click the link to my latest blog post – http://petspalacetv.wix.com/guineapigblog#!Another-new-cage/c1u8l/553220250cf2251855a5cd1e

Please note: The fresh vegetables that I feed my guinea pigs are different each day so this was just an example of what I feed them on one day but it varies all the time.


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