Daily Guinea Pig Routine

This is our daily guinea pig routine, which includes wheeking for food, going to the supermarket, spot cleaning, and LOTS of food!
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– How old are your guinea pigs?
Gatsby is 4 1/2, Lulu is 4, Nugget is 3, Lumi is 2 1/2 & Fitz is 7 months old
– What camera/ editing software do you use?
Canon Eos 77d, Sony ZV1 & Final Cut
– Don’t they jump over the little gate?
No 🙂 They could, but they don’t.
Guinea Pig Noises 1: https://youtu.be/bES0evmRXZc
Morning Routine: https://youtu.be/lGVGFkQwtKA
Guinea Pig Noises 2: https://youtu.be/2RGw7rHFvVo
What to do when your guinea pig is pregnant: https://youtu.be/-3_QQ2Zvs94

Music from epidemic sound.