DO NOT GET A BEARDED DRAGON! | 3 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Are Not Good Pets For Beginners

Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles in the world, but are they actually good pets? Today we break down If, When and Why Bearded Dragons are or can be great pet reptiles and for who.

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Bearded Dragons are some of the most popular pets in the entire reptile and pet hobby. So why would I say that they do not make good pet lizards? To make you click on the video and change your mind mostly. These medium sized, terrestrial, diurnal lizards from Australia can actually make amazing pets for a lot of people. But not great pet lizards for everyone. Bearded Dragons do take a bit more work to keep happy than other similar lizards like Blue Tongue Skinks, Uromastyx or even leopard geckos or crested geckos. Sure Beardies need a lot of UVB but so do a lot of other lizards and even some snakes will benefit from the use of UVB bulbs and UVB lighting. Basking temperatures for bearded dragons are high but not unmanageable by any stretch. The Bearded Dragon diet is a bit of a turn off for some keepers but can be really rewarding and fun to feed. These liards need a mix of plant matter like greens ranging from swiss chard, watercress, dandelion green, mustard green, and much more to their need for insects like dubia roaches, black soldier fly larvae, crickets, mealworms, horned worms and many more options. Of course the substrate discussion and debate is never ending. Reptile carpet vs sand vs clay vs whatever other loose substrate for bearded dragons will always be a hot button issue. Of course we know these animals live on loose substrate in the world and the days of “loose substrate is the devil” are long gone!