Dwarf Hamster Aggression | Munchie’s Place

Do you have a Dwarf hamster and notice there is something wrong with them? The petstore worker says this is normal behavior but you don’t trust them. Or do you notice your Dwarf lunges at you and won’t leave you alone? I hope this video can answer some of those questions. I mention what Dwarf Hamster Aggression is and what to look out for. Unfortunately these poor animals are aggressive since birth either from environment or passed down via parents & it usually starts with the mother/father being aggressive. I did not see any videos online talking about aggression in Dwarfs so i hope this video sparks many discussions for the future about the way Dwarf hamsters are bred/raised and what problems hamster owners may face if they own one.

Did you know i run a Rescue/Foster Home. My Foster Home is about rescuing, rehabilitating and placing the animal in a well matched home. I learn about their personality, their needs and try my best to place them in a forever home once they’re ready to leave. Fostering is temporary and tho i may get attached, there will always be a helpless animal out there who needs a place to go, so there will never be a foster fail because i want to have as many foster children as possible, because that’s how many animals I’ve helped in my lifetime. Why not consider fostering yourself? Get involved and see for yourself what it means to be a Foster Home.
* https://www.paws.org/get-involved/foster/

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