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Hey there, Guinea Gang! Today’s video is for both new guinea pig parents & those who are still unsure if what they’re providing for their piggies is enough.

Do you know what are the absolute essentials when caring for a guinea pig? Before adopting your piggies, make sure you have these prepared: a cage, bedding, hay, water bottles, hiding spots, and supplements. Of course, there are different types of those that you can see at pet stores, but unfortunately, not all of them are ideal. Products for small animals are sub-par (to say the least!) because they aren’t as profitable as the ‘mainstream’ pets such as cats and dogs.

Since the whole GuineaDad team is committed to helping our small animal friends live their lives to the fullest, we wanted to share how our products will benefit not only them, but also you as their guinea parent. You can visit our website (links are down below) to learn more~

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Love GuineaDad’s Nourish Series? Great news! We’ve added more items to the ‘menu’! Our supplements have multiple health benefits and come in two sets: Marigold & Dandelion leaf, and Chamomile & Raspberry Leaf. They do not contain any additives or preservatives. As GuineaDad does with every product, we took the extra step of getting the human grade USDA organic supplement for piggies!

You can learn more about the products on GuineaDad’s website:
Marigold and Dandelion Leaf:
Chamomile and Raspberry Leaf:

Our Nourish Series Pea Flake contains the nutritional properties of raw whole green pea. We used infrared heat to ensure the peas’ freshness! Get some for your guinea pig here:

Our Nourish Series Timothy Hay has been filtered through multiple steps so that dust, yellowing hay, and more is taken out to ensure your guinea pig only gets the freshest and healthiest hay! Check it out here:
Timothy Hay Box for Guinea Pigs (3 Pack)

We use our GuineaDad Liner and Crunchy Condo for floor time, it keeps the floors clean and the girls love it! Get yours at:
Original GuineaDad Liner
Crunchy Condo (3 Pack)

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