[Hamsterscape] Natural Enclosure for Winter White Dwarf Hamster #SEPS2023

Hamster Cage Setup

Hamster: Winter White Dwarf Hamster
Name: Togepi
Age: Unknown (less than 1 year old)
Gender: Male

Cage: Niteangel Vista (M)
Size: 100x55x55cm

Main Bedding: Niteangel Aspen Shaving
(Soft & Fluffy, 8mm, 15mm) – this means the size of the shavings, I am not using cotton. Cotton is definitely a big NO.
Thickness: 21-31cm
Substrates: Niteangel Natural Bedding
(Aspen & Timothy, Aspen & Beech, Forest Moss, Coco Choir)
Living World Green Ultra Comfort Premium Bedding
Niteangel Party Paper
Niteangel Soft Paper Bedding
Sand: Niteangel Desert Sand

Niteangel Mt Fuji water bowl at top most area as Togepi likes to bury things in his bedding.