How to Care for Long Haired Guinea Pigs!

Wondering how to best groom your long-haired guinea pigs? ðŸđ This video explains and demonstrates my grooming techniques, including trimming bottom hair and occasional brushing or combing of your piggies coat. If you follow these, there is not need for regularly bathing of your long-haired pigs. Long haired guinea pigs are becoming more and more popular amongst pet owner, with breeds including peruvians, silkies, texels, merinos and lunkaryas – like our Nacho!

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0:00 Introduction and the importance of grooming
2:18 Trim that butt hair!
4:20 Tips for skittish piggies
6:00 My special tip for wriggle pigs!
7:20 How often to brush?
8:04 Brush or comb?
9:49 What about baths?
11:07 Nacho looks so smart!

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