How to Feed the Best and Healthiest Guinea Pig Diet!

The complete guinea pig diet explained, with tips and advice for how to make sure your guinea pigs have the healthiest diet possible! Learn about the four main food groups below, and if you find yourself with more questions then check out the follow up video on most commonly asked diet questions here:

1. Hay – 100% the most important thing your guinea pig eats. Hay provides the best source of fibre in your piggies diet and is crucial for keeping their teeth worn down. It’s important to keep them interested in eating lots of hay, especially as they get older. Feed unlimited hay and be healthier with hay by offering a variety of top quality hay, I recommend having two basic hays fed daily, one of which is timothy.
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2. Pellets – Choose a top quality pellet brand that is designed for guinea pigs (and so has added vitamin C) and that prevents selective feeding. Try to keep to recommended amounts for feeding, it’s easy to overfeed pellets, which isn’t necessarily best for your piggie’s health. Less pellets = more hay!

3. Fresh Grass and Forage – Lots of guinea pigs enjoy unlimited access to grass during spring and summer; grass is fresh hay and can form part of a natural guinea pig diet (but if you cannot get grass or other forages don’t worry, just make sure their hay is top quality). Always remember that piggies can have sensitive digestive systems (they can sometimes react badly to too much fresh grass or other foods without warning), so introduce grass slowly and always check online lists for other fresh forages to make sure they are safe.

4. Fresh Vegetables – Should be fed daily and do what works for you, but I discuss in the video how I feed less than I used to and I spread out their veggies more to avoid upset tummies! I think that is particularly important for older piggies (over 3 years), as bloat, among other digestive problems, can become more of a risk.

Safe and unsafe:
Piggie safe veggies with vitamin C and Ca:P:
Piggie safe fruits with vitamin C and Ca:P:

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