How to play the memory game with your guinea pigs, rabbits, or small pets

A fun activity to teach and bond with your guinea pigs and rabbits. It may take a few tries for your small pet to figure it out–don’t give up and be patient! 🙂 This game helps activate your guinea pigs’ sense of smells & their memory after you show them which hand the treat is in.

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This trick qualifies as one point towards the Novice “Do More With Your Dog” Trick Title. (All animals can get it, not just dogs!) Video your pet doing this trick and submit it here: (This is @KimSpeaksPiggies from TikTok–tell her Hannah sent you!)

About me
My goal is to teach and train guinea pig owners how to tame and bond with their guinea pigs, decreasing the likelihood of surrendering and increasing the number of guinea pigs who find and keep their forever home.

I am active on social media, sharing guinea pig education and care to all, and I’m constantly innovating guinea pig products and accessories.

Even if one guinea pig’s life is saved, I’ll know that I’ve done my part in making the world a better place.