i adopted a hamster | getting my robo dwarf hamster vlog

Hi everyone! This is the most exciting video I have made on my channel because today I adopted an adorable little hamster! I am so excited to have this little guy in my life and to share this moment with you all!

It is so important to me to clarify that I adopted my new Roborovski dwarf hamster and did not purchase him from a pet store like Petco or PetSmart. My store holds adoptable hamsters from local humane societies so that customers have the option in-store to adopt instead of purchase them from the breeders! You can see the sign on the tank at the pet store at moment 6:10 in the video. Also, I got him a hideout house that was not in the video so don’t be concerned! He is in great hands 🙂 With this being said, I am completely open to having a conversation in the comments on hamster care!

I really hope you all enjoyed this vlog of me getting my new hamster during quarentine in 2021! Let me know if you want to see more hamster content on my channel in the future! I have some fun ideas 🙂

Thanks for watching!!!

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See you guys next week!