I LIKE BIG BUGS AND I CANNOT LIE! Bearded Dragon & Dubia Roach

I started raising the dubia roaches about 2 years ago. They do not smell like crickets, nor do they chirp. My bearded dragon seems to love them.

Bearded dragons seem to like food that comes to them. If I wait long enough, Bama will eventually go after the bug. I usually give in and nudge it like in this video.

Dubia roaches are a nutritious food source for many reptiles, including bearded dragons. They contain high levels of protein as well as other nutrients that help create a healthy diet for your pet like fat, calcium and vitamin A

Mine are dusted in Calcium and Vitamin D-3.
I use a very inexpensive product from Amazon. You can order it below in this link. I will get a very small commision that will help the channel.


I put the dust in a small rubbermaid kitchen container. I keep it closed and drop a bug in each time. Just put a small amount in the container and shake the bug around in it.

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