I teach my cats how to talk

My cats learned how to press buttons to say words. But is it language?
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Cats are smarter than you think. But are they smart enough to learn human language? We know about apes learning sign language and I’m sure you have moments of deep communication with your pets. How much do they understand and how far can we push that limit? Well, I decided to take a month and train my cats to speak using buttons! Button training may be something you’ve seen with other famous pets like Bunny the dog. Could it be the key to unlocking cat language? Watch and find out!

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Animals language experiments
5:06 Could I teach my cats language?
7:37 Experiment setup
10:01 Training
29:43 Did they learn language?
37:50 Ad
39:20 Book announcement!

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