hi everyone and welcome back to my channel! in today’s video I will be showing you all my morning routine with my five guinea pigs and three different cages! currently, I own three females, a single female, and a single male. come along with me as I spot clean, feed, and spend time with my pigs! hope you enjoy 🙂

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⭐ disclaimer: I am simply a pet owner doing the best to take care of my pets, I have no qualifications to give advice on pet care. Any comments in my videos on pet care are simply my own opinions based on my own experiences and knowledge. If you are having questions about pet care, please seek a reliable source or talk to a veterinarian.

⭐ What do I feed my guinea pigs?
I feed my piggies oxbow adult pellets, 2nd cutting timothy hay from small pet select, and a variety of vegetables. I feed sweet peppers every day and rotate romaine lettuce, red and green leaf lettuce, cilantro, and parsley. I feed the occasional carrot, cucumber, and strawberry. I also supplement with oxbow vitamin c supplements and oxbow digestive support.

⭐ Where did I adopt my guinea pigs from?
Peanut and Marshmallow came from Petco, and Pepper was adopted from the Frau Holle Guinea Pig Rescue in South Carolina. I got Honey from her previous owner who was rehoming her, and I found her listing on If you are looking to adopt a guinea pig, I recommend a rescue or a locally owned pet store, as guinea pigs there are often more well taken care of and kept in more suitable habitats. Some chain pet stores receive their pets from unethical breeders, and they may even have illnesses when you adopt them. Marshmallow had a respiratory infection when I adopted her from Petco, and I had to return her in order to get her free vet care.

⭐ What do I use to edit my videos and make my thumbnails?
I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, and use the apps Phonto, PicsArt, and Lightroom on my phone for thumbnails and overlays.

⭐ guinea pig digital art used in outros and as video overlays is by @the_pet_life_1 on instagram

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music is from the youtube library or other sources, all credits to the original song artists

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