Most Popular Aquarium Freshwater Fish for Beginners

I’ve made a quick guide here on the top six most popular aquarium fish of the freshwater habitat. Hopefully this can give some of you beginners a good guy on what fish you might be able to go out and buy. I also give some good fax on how to take care of the fish and some misconstrued information that is out there for a lot of beginners.

And remember this is my opinion on what I think the top and most popular freshwater aquarium fish. This is not including cichlids because I feel that’s a totally different group of aquarium owners. I’m a believer that intermediate fish aquarium owners turn to cichlids. I’m aimed at trying to touch base with all beginners looking at the beginning stages of fish aquariums here.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding these fish in the comments section or you can jump over to fish aquarium geeks forum.