My Dwarf Hamster Died

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When Bella was in 4th grade, almost in middle school, she really wanted to get her first real pet. A dog, a cat, something furry and lively, and, well, anything but a fish (no offense to fish lovers). Pet care, responsibility and hamster care are very important, and Bella took them very seriously.

So her Mom took her to the pet store and she picked out a super cute, furry, lovable Dwarf Hamster and named her pickles, of course, what else. OMG, Bella was so excited, this was her first pet, a real live animal and a big responsibility, and, lucky for her, Pickles the Hamster was tiny, really, really calm, like Zen calm, like meditate calm…She was in love.

Pickles was so mellow that Bella got to hang out and play with her all the time. They would chill out on the couch, jump around, and Bella would just hold her and pet her – it was like any kid with their dog, a real best friend – but a hamster! Her fur was so soft. Bella spent every day with Pickles, and would take her everywhere. They were totally bonded together, a team! Just like Jenna Marbles and her hamster Ad.

One day, when Bella was just sitting on the couch holding Pickles, for some reason, Pickles bit her! Her hampster bit her. It was the first time she had done something like that, and even though it hurt, and surprised and shocked Bella, she wasn’t mad – she just placed her gently back in her cage and went to get a band-aid.

When she got back, Pickles was running on the hamster wheel – for the first time ever! She was cute, tiny and so adorable – she ran on that wheel so fast. She was an amazing animal. Bella forgot all about the little bite and was just really excited and happy that Pickles was running and exercising. The hamster had always been so mellow and low key that she had never run on it before, and so Bella thought it was good that Pickles was starting to do normal hamster things – like any other Dwarf Hamster. She thought Pickles might even do the hamster dance.

But, the next morning – something awful and terrible and sad happened. Bella’s Mom woke her up saying “I think your hamster is dead.” This was the start of a tough story to tell – and – even though Pickles wasn’t dead when Bella got to her, there was definitely something wrong – she was dying, it was pretty clear. So Bella just held her sweet little friend in her hands and breathed with her a few last breaths, and then it was over – Pickles the Hamster was dead.

Bella was shocked and kind of paralyzed and didn’t know what to do – so she finally put Pickles back in her cage, told her Mom “Pickles is dead” and then it all hit her and she burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying, just letting it all out. Her new pet, her beloved hamster died.

At school everyone tried to cheer her up, but it didn’t really work – she just spent the day crying. They had a little funeral for Pickles, and Bella’s friends wrote notes, and they buried her in a little shoe box in their backyard. It was really sad and upsetting for Bella, for a long time.

After some time, she decided she could and should go to the pet store and get a new pet Hamster – another sweet, tiny, adorable, fluffy, little one that she named Buttercup. But Buttercup wasn’t a replacement, and Bella will always remember her first real pet, Pickles! Animals give us great stories, especially our pets.

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