My EASY Fish Care Routine for Beginners (5-30 Min/Week)

I just set up a new aquarium for my young daughter, so now Iā€™m on a mission to find the easiest, most efficient way of keeping these fish happy and healthy.

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ā–¶ Fish flakes:
ā–¶ Freeze-dried tubifex cubes:
ā–¶ Aquarium-safe glass cleaner:
ā–¶ Ammonia strips:
ā–¶ Multi-test strips:
ā–¶ Aquarium siphon or gravel vacuum:
ā–¶ Plastic tub
ā–¶ Algae scrubber:
ā–¶ Toothbrush
ā–¶ Power head:
ā–¶ Bucket:
ā–¶ Water dechlorinator:
ā–¶ Equilibrium minerals:
ā–¶ Easy Green fertilizer:

ā–¶ How to set up a fish tank like a pro:
ā–¶ How to find the perfect aquarium fish:
ā–¶ How to properly feed your fish:

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0:00 How to keep your fish healthy
0:13 Task #1 ā€“ feed the fish
1:26 Task #2 ā€“ clean the tank
3:08 How to use an aquarium siphon or gravel vacuum
5:36 Faster method of refilling water in a fish tank