Not All Dog Aggression is the Same…Take The Quiz NOW!


Not all dog aggression is the same and so a one size fits all approach is never going to work. A fearful dog needs to be treated differently to a dominant dog.

There are actually 7 different types of dog aggression…

So if you have a dog who’s aggressive and you’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked and you’re wondering why, well here’s the thing: not all dog aggression is the same and not all dogs are the same, so a one size training solution is never going to work.

I’m Doggy Dan and over the past decade i’ve helped tens of thousands of dog owners online, and i’ve dedicated my life to it.

So here’s the situation: a dominant dog who’s aggressive towards other dogs needs a completely different approach to a fearful dog who’s snapping at people, or a super reactive and excited dog who barks when people come to the house.

What you need is a specific training program designed for your dog’s temperament and the exact aggression issue you’re experiencing…

So if you can take 15 seconds to answer a few simple questions about the situation surrounding your dog’s aggression, i’ll be able to provide you with exactly that:

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Not all dog aggression is the same. You need to understand what type of dog aggression you have to create the correct type of training solution.