Rabbit 101: Rabbit Care Guide for Beginners

The most important parts of rabbit care are providing a healthy diet and an oversized enclosure. Once you have got that taken care of, you’ll target rabbit-proofing your home and providing them with toys and social enrichment. Other basics of rabbit care include litter training your rabbit, grooming, and learning a way to properly hold them. the typical lifespan of a rabbit is about 10 years. This estimate will vary a touch bit, counting on the breed of the rabbit and also the conditions they board.

But once you get a pet rabbit, you would like to grasp that this is often a long-term commitment. A rabbit’s long life implies that they’ll grow to be amazing companion pets, similar to a cat or dog. But it also means we’ve to think about the likelihood of moving with a rabbit, or caring for them in their maturity. Before you create the choice to adopt or purchase a rabbit, take the time to actually consider the number of labor it’ll fancy look after them for his or her whole lives.

Source: https://bunnylady.com/rabbit-care-guide/

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