Red Devil Cichlid Fish: Care, Tank Mates, Size & More

Red Devil Cichlids are an interesting freshwater fish that sport a unique look. This makes them a very popular fish for aquarists to consider getting at some point.

However, if you’re going keep one there are a few things you should know.

Yes, their appearance and activity level makes them very appealing. But these are large, feisty fish that require some experience and knowledge to care for.

This guide will go over everything you need to know about Red Devil Cichlid care so you’ll be prepared if you decide to get one yourself. You’ll learn about ideal tank mates, their size, diet, and more.

The Summary of Red Devil

Red Devil Cichlid, known scientifically as Amphilophus labiatus, is a beloved fish with a charismatic personality. These fish are known to develop bonds with their owners. They can show off for aquarists and even beg for food like a dog.

With that said, Red Devil Cichlids are not for the faint of heart. As their name would suggest, these fish can be a handful. Not only are they aggressive to other fish, but they’re also known to destroy anything that they can get their teeth into.

In the wild, Red Devil Cichlids can be found in Nicaraguan lakes. More specifically, they heavily populate Lake Nicaragua, Lake Managua, and Lake Xiloa. Originally, they were classified under the genus Cichlasoma. However, they’ve since been moved to their own genus as they no longer fit the description of Cichlasoma labiatum.

No matter what you call them, Red Devil Cichlids are a great fish for any aquarist. While they do have their challenges, their striking appearance and playful attitudes make them a joy to care for.