Signs that your bearded dragon likes you

Are you the proud owner of a bearded dragon and wondering if your scaly friend truly likes you? Look out for these signs that indicate a strong bond between you and your reptilian companion. If your bearded dragon eagerly comes to you when you approach its enclosure, bobs its head up and down, or even closes its eyes in contentment while you’re holding it, these are all positive indications that your bearded dragon has formed a genuine attachment to you. In this article, we will explore these signs in more detail, helping you understand the affectionate behavior of your bearded dragon and strengthening the bond you share.

Signs that Your Bearded Dragon Likes You

Physical Signs

Tail wagging

One of the physical signs that your bearded dragon likes you is tail wagging. When a bearded dragon wags its tail, it is usually a sign of contentment and happiness. If your dragon starts wagging its tail when you approach or interact with it, it is a clear indication that it enjoys your presence and feels comfortable around you.

Head bobbing

Another physical sign that your bearded dragon likes you is head bobbing. Head bobbing is a behavior often displayed by bearded dragons, especially males, as a way to communicate and show dominance. However, when a bearded dragon head bobs in your presence, it can also be a sign of acceptance and trust. It means your dragon sees you as part of its social circle and is acknowledging your presence in a friendly manner.

Relaxed body language

Observing your bearded dragon’s body language can provide valuable insights into how it feels about you. If your dragon displays a relaxed body posture with legs and arms extended and a calm demeanor, it is a positive indication that it feels at ease and comfortable around you. A relaxed bearded dragon is more likely to enjoy your company and build a bond with you.

Purring or hissing

While bearded dragons do not vocalize like cats or dogs, they can exhibit certain sounds to express their feelings towards you. When a bearded dragon purrs, it is often a sign of contentment and relaxation. The purring sound is usually produced when they are being petted or held. On the other hand, hissing can sometimes be interpreted as an aggressive or defensive behavior. However, if your bearded dragon hisses while being handled gently or during interactions with you, it is likely a sign of communication rather than aggression. It indicates that your dragon is engaging with you and may simply be expressing its curiosity or excitement.

Behavioral Signs

Approaching you willingly

If your bearded dragon willingly approaches you without any signs of fear or hesitation, it is a strong indication that it likes you. Bearded dragons are known for their curious nature, and if they feel comfortable and safe in your presence, they will often approach you to investigate or seek interaction. Their willingness to come near you demonstrates their trust and fondness for you as their owner.

Seeking physical contact

One of the most obvious behavioral signs that your bearded dragon likes you is its desire for physical contact. If your dragon actively seeks out opportunities to climb onto your hand, arm, or shoulder, it shows a strong bond and attachment to you. Bearded dragons enjoy basking in the warmth provided by human contact and view it as a comforting and secure experience.

Following you around

Bearded dragons are known to be creatures of habit and routine. If your dragon consistently follows you around the room or shows a keen interest in your activities, it is a sign that it enjoys your company and wants to be involved in your daily life. This behavior demonstrates its desire for increased social interaction and shows that it perceives you as a positive presence in its environment.

Showing excitement upon your return

When you return home after being away for a while, if your bearded dragon displays signs of excitement, such as rapidly moving its tail, bobbing its head, or engaging in active exploration, it is a clear sign that it has missed you. Bearded dragons have an excellent sense of smell and can recognize their owners. Their excitement upon your return indicates their attachment to you and their pleasure at having you back.

Signs that your bearded dragon likes you

Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact

Eye contact plays a significant role in the communication between humans and bearded dragons. If your dragon consistently maintains eye contact with you, it is a sign of trust and engagement. By looking directly into your eyes, it is acknowledging your presence and accepting you as part of its social circle. This sustained eye contact indicates that your dragon feels comfortable and connected to you.

Blinking slowly

A bearded dragon blinking slowly at you is considered a friendly gesture. Slow blinking is often perceived as a sign of relaxation, trust, and contentment in many species, including bearded dragons. When your dragon blinks slowly while you are interacting with it, it shows that it is at ease and enjoys your presence. It is a nonverbal way of conveying that it feels safe and comfortable with you.

Licking or flicking their tongue

Bearded dragons have an interesting behavior of flicking or licking their tongue. While this behavior is primarily linked to their hunting instincts and exploring their surroundings, if your dragon flicks or licks its tongue while interacting with you, it can also be seen as a positive sign. It demonstrates their curiosity and interest in you. By flicking their tongue, they are gathering information about their environment, including your scent and presence.

Receptive to Handling

Relaxing in your hands

When you hold your bearded dragon, if it relaxes and becomes calm in your hands, it is a strong indicator that it likes being handled by you. A relaxed bearded dragon will remain still, with its body relaxed and limbs extended naturally. It means your dragon has established a level of trust with you, and handling sessions are seen as a positive experience.

Allowing you to stroke or pet them

If your bearded dragon allows you to stroke or pet its body while being held or during free-roaming, it is a clear sign of comfort and enjoyment in your presence. Bearded dragons have sensitive skin, and if they enjoy your touch and seek it out, it indicates a bond and affection towards you. Pay attention to their response to touch. If they remain calm and relaxed, it means they appreciate the physical interaction.

Not showing signs of aggression or discomfort

When handling your bearded dragon, if it exhibits no signs of aggression, fear, or discomfort, it is a positive indication of its fondness for you. Bearded dragons may show aggression or defensive behaviors if they feel threatened or stressed. Therefore, if your dragon remains calm and relaxed during handling sessions, it shows that it trusts and feels safe around you.

Signs that your bearded dragon likes you

Feeding Behavior

Eating from your hand

Bearded dragons are omnivores and relish a variety of food items. If your dragon willingly eats from your hand, it is an indication of trust and a strong bond. By offering food directly, you create an opportunity for your dragon to associate positive experiences with your presence. Eating from your hand shows that your dragon feels comfortable and confident in your company, extending its acceptance beyond basic interactions.

Taking food eagerly from you

In addition to eating from your hand, if your bearded dragon eagerly takes food offered by you, it further demonstrates its liking and reliance on you. When the dragon sees you as a source of food, it signifies a deep connection and trust. The act of actively accepting food from you proves that your dragon is not only comfortable with you but also recognizes you as a provider and caregiver.

Showing excitement during feeding time

If your bearded dragon gets excited and displays enthusiastic behavior during feeding time, it is a strong indication of its liking for you. When they associate your presence with mealtime, it shows that they anticipate and enjoy the experience of being fed by you. Their excitement can manifest through increased activity, tail wagging, or bobbing, which all display a positive connection between you and your dragon.


Making soft chirping noises

Although bearded dragons are not known for their vocalizations, they can produce soft chirping noises. If your dragon makes these gentle sounds while interacting with you, it is a sign of contentment and comfort. The soft chirping is equivalent to a verbal acknowledgment, indicating that your dragon is pleased and at ease in your company.

Grunting or growling in a friendly manner

While grunting or growling might typically denote aggression or warning in many species, bearded dragons can sometimes produce these sounds in a friendly manner. If your dragon grunts or growls while being held or during playtime, it can be seen as a form of communication and engagement. These vocalizations showcase their unique personalities and the bond they have developed with you.

Curiosity and Exploration

Investigating your presence

When your bearded dragon displays curiosity towards you and actively investigates your presence, it is an encouraging sign that it likes you. Bearded dragons are naturally curious creatures and are inclined to explore their environment. If they show an increased interest in your movements or come closer to examine you, it demonstrates their desire for interaction and connection.

Exploring your belongings or surroundings

In addition to being curious about you, bearded dragons may also display curiosity towards your belongings or their surroundings. If they show interest in exploring your furniture, decorations, or other items, it is an indication that they consider your space as theirs as well. This behavior reflects their comfort in your environment and their recognition of you as an integral part of their world.

Playful Behavior

Engaging in basking games with you

One of the ways bearded dragons demonstrate their fondness for you is by engaging in basking games. Basking is an essential part of their daily routine, and if they choose to bask near you or even on you, it is a positive sign of their trust and comfort. By actively participating in basking games together, you strengthen your bond and provide a rewarding experience for your dragon.

Chasing after toys or moving objects

Another playful behavior exhibited by bearded dragons is chasing after toys or moving objects. If your dragon actively engages in these activities with you or in your presence, it shows a willingness to interact and play. Providing your dragon with toys or objects that encourage this playful behavior creates an exciting and enjoyable experience for both of you, strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

Relaxed When Handled

Lying calmly on your lap or shoulder

When you allow your bearded dragon to rest on your lap or shoulder and it lies calmly without displaying signs of stress, it signifies a strong comfort level and trust. Bearded dragons enjoy the warmth and security provided by human contact, and if they choose to relax in this way, it demonstrates their contentment and relaxation in your presence.

Closing their eyes when being petted

A bearded dragon closing its eyes while being petted is a clear indication of its relaxed state and enjoyment of the physical interactions with you. By closing their eyes, they are displaying a sense of trust and comfort. It is a behavior usually observed in animals that feel secure and safe in their environment and who appreciate the tactile experience of being petted.

Not puffing up or displaying defensive behavior

Bearded dragons have the ability to puff up their bodies as a defensive mechanism when they feel threatened or stressed. If your dragon remains calm and does not puff up or exhibit any defensive behaviors when you approach or handle it, it is a positive sign of its liking towards you. This behavior indicates that your dragon feels safe in your presence and does not perceive you as a threat.

Social Bonding

Seeking your attention

One of the most apparent signs that your bearded dragon likes you is its constant seeking of your attention. Bearded dragons are social creatures, and if they consistently approach you, climb onto you, or attempt to interact with you, it shows their desire for companionship and social bonding. Their active efforts to engage with you indicate their fondness and enjoyment in your presence.

Enjoying being around you for extended periods

If your bearded dragon willingly spends extended periods near you or in your company without displaying signs of restlessness or wanting to escape, it is a strong indication of its liking for you. Bearded dragons often choose a particular spot or area to rest, bask, or simply enjoy their surroundings. If they choose to stay close to you during these times, it signifies their comfort and attachment to you.

Being comfortable with other people present

While bearded dragons can form strong bonds with their owners, their comfort level with other people present also reflects their liking and social nature. If your dragon remains calm and relaxed when other people are around, it indicates its ability to trust and accept others in their environment. This socialization demonstrates their friendly and sociable nature, extending beyond their primary bond with you.

In conclusion, there are numerous signs that indicate your bearded dragon likes you. From physical signs such as tail wagging and head bobbing to behavioral signs like seeking physical contact and following you around, your dragon exhibits various behaviors to express its liking and fondness. Maintaining eye contact, being receptive to handling, displaying excitement during feeding time, and engaging in playful behavior are also strong indications of your dragon’s attachment and trust. Understanding and recognizing these signs will help you develop a deeper bond and provide a fulfilling and enriching relationship with your bearded dragon.