Spa Day for Zap the Senior Guinea Pig ***Satisfying Boar Cleaning Bonus***
Saskia and Scotty give Zap a Bath, Blow Dry, a Very Satisfying Boar Cleaning, Hair Cut, Nail Trim and More
Scotty’s Channel

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0:00 The live begins with Guinea Pig Zap peeing and Saskia cleaning it up. Zap is a regular boarding customer at the L.A. Guinea Pig Rescue and Saskia and staff have grown very attached to him. It’s not hard to see why.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿน
0:56 Saskia Introduces Volunteer Scotty’s from Scotty’s Animals Scotty is the cameraman for this video and Scotty is going to give Zap a bath. Saskia recommends that you give your guinea pigs a bath at least twice a year. You can do it four times a year, and it really will make a difference, because guinea pigs are so prone to fungus. You can use generic head & shoulders, or a really good antifungal shampoo that I also like to use is Davis miconazole shampoo ( Saskia uses it ) and has A link with a list of everything she uses in the video description. It works great.๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿน๐Ÿน
1:49 Saskia does a health check on Zap first before his up coming bath. It is actually raining outside there. California doesn’t get very much rain so seeing it on our videos is not too common.
2:27 Saskia talks about putting a little bit of olive oil in his ears to help remove all the excess dead skin cells but not going into the ear canal.
3:05 Saskia says this is what guinea pig complaining sounds like and you can hear Zap complaining. He has a wheek to pick with Saskia.๐Ÿน
4:06 Saskia is really checking Zap down good for parasites, because pigs can get them so easily and so fast. Saskia also uses ivermectin treatments every month. Ivermectin kills lice, mites, and internal parasites. An Saskia has a link in the video description for everything she uses on her videos. You can also use Ivermectin paste which you put a pea sized amount in their mouth if you have a small herd. Saskia said she learned about using ivermectin from a veterinarian . Saskia has a lot of experience with guinea pigsโ—๐Ÿ’ฏ
6;10 Saskia goes to check the pigs teeth and Scotty zooms in with the camera so we can get a good look at the piggies teeth. while Saskia explains about looking for food stuck in their teeth as that can cause bacteria and cause a fungus or cheilitis
8:12 Saskia shows us cleaning the pigs pocket. As they get older the skin around the scent marker weakens and poop can get stuck in the pocket on the perennial sack.
10:02 Saskia pulls out a sperm rod and cleans all around the pigs wiener
11:20 Scotty takes Zap for his bath and he shows us the set up he has to bathe the piggy in.
11:47 Saskia dispels a myth about bathing your guinea pigs with words to watch on the screen while we also watch and listen to Scotty as he bathes Zap. They have bathed well over 3000 guinea pigs in the past few years. This is Very good advice.
15:43 Scotty uses the blow dryer on Zap.,
16:40 Zap looks absolutely Beautiful nice shiny coat. He looks very health for a six year old pig. Wow what a differenceโ—๐Ÿ’ฏ
17:20 Saskia does her famous Butt Cut, trimming the guinea pigs fur on his back end to make his fur look all nice,
18:30 Saskia tell us how Zap used to have fungal foot and how she treated it and how much better it look now as she trims zaps nails
19:39 Scotty tells us about the Steptic powder which they use if they accidentally hit the quick when cutting a piggies nails. It happens to even the best of them. They are currently out of steptic powder but what does Saskia does have is Mary’s CBD balm which you can also use on yourself this is really great stuff.
22:44 Saskia talks about just how much the pig is peeing and leaking urine so Saskia is going to refer the customer to see the Dr. to figure out whats going on there. Saskia says it could possibly be a stone causing that. An they say good bye to us. Thank You Saskia and Scotty. This video is very helpful.โ—๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿน๐Ÿน