Stop Barking By Acknowledging Danger: Doggy Dan Golden Rule #4

Your dog is barking non-stop because they think there’s danger—but how do stop it?! Doggy Dan Golden Rule #4 has got you covered! In the eyes of your dog, danger is real and ever present!
They are always alert, hearing sounds and seeing potential threats. And because most dogs can’t switch off, they’re ALWAYS stressed, exhausted, and anxious!

Rule #4 of the Doggy Dan Five Golden Rules sends this clear message to your dog: I’m the one in charge of deciding what’s dangerous, so let me check it out. Not you. You can calm down now because I got you covered.

I wrote a full blog about this topic here:

Learn more about Doggy Dan Five Golden Rules Rule #4 in this video, and know why this rule is CRUCIAL TO STOPPING BARKING AND HAVING A CALMER, HAPPIER DOG.

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