Top 10 Essential Guinea Pig Supplies for New Owners!

The best and most complete guinea pig shopping list to set you up for being a great guinea pig owner! Covering all the basics that you need to get for your new or future guinea pigs, including their cage, food and water supplies and essential cage furniture as well as grooming and taming/bonding supplies. Are you a new owner? Let me know in the comments! 😃🌻

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00:00 – Introduction
00:17 – 1. The cage
02:31 – 2. First things first
03:25 – 3. Hay (very important!)
04:30 – 4. Other bedding?
06:04 – 5. Dry pellet food
07:45 – 6. Water supplies
09:21 – 7. Accessories: hideys
10:51 – 8. Accessories: tunnels
11:54 – 9. Grooming?
13:51 – 10. Beds and blankets

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