TOP 5: Easy BEGINNER Fresh Water FISH

Beginner fish keepers need to keep beginner fish. There are a lot of fish out there to keep, but there are certain species that are more fitted for beginners. What to look for in keeping your first fish, is how hardy it is, and social traits, breeding, growth rate, full grown size, care level of a fish. This is a video all about what fish are great for a beginner, which will be forgiving, and give newcomers time to grasp their own skills in aquariums. There are certain fish that were left out like live bearers which are GREAT for beginners, but they constantly give birth to baby fish, fry. which leads to beginners having to feed, keep alive, and house, or relocate new fish, which isn’t an easy task for a beginner. there are fish like goldfish, ironically it is the thumbnail for this video, but goldfish are sturdy fish, but they get big, are messy, and need a little more care then they usually get. other fish that are really hardy like Oscars, are not on this list, because they get too big, and are too aggressive. The fish are very rewarding and very hardy, but most beginners can’t house a fish in a large aquarium.

for any new Aquariust i suggest getting the biggest fish tank that you can afford, upfront, and in on going cost, you have to think about medications, water conditioners, equipment, food, electric bill, etc, that all contribute to the cost. Having a bigger aquarium is going to be more forgiving then having a smaller aquarium, the water parameters are going to be more stable, and the bad effects of an aquarium will be spread out due to the larger water volume. a good stand point for a newcomer in freshwater would be anywhere between a 29 – 55 gallon aquarium. for a newcomer in salt water i would start with a 55- 125 gallon yes it is going to become more expensive, but also more forgiving. be patient if you are new with aquariums fish tanks and fish. take your time, have a plan, do the research, and have dedication, learn your system not the hobby.

get in a group either it be on the internet, or at the local fish store, and familiarize yourself with more experience aquarium keepers, so you can have a go to for help with your aquarium, i’m always here for the new people. my channel was formed for the new people so i could give my knowledge back to the community.

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until next time i’ve been wayne with wayne’s fish world, and i will see you next time.