TW: Saving 2 Skinny Dwarf Hamsters! | Billie & Bonte Rescue Story | Munchie’s Place

TW: This never gets any easier. As a small mammal Rescue, we see a lot of unintentional neglect by pet owners. But this is just so heart breaking to find two winter white dwarf hamsters in such rough shape. Please, if you consider getting an animal, you are fully responsible for the welfare and safety of it. Don’t get a pet if you do not have the money, the drive or the time to make sure they’re given all that they need. This has NO excuses. No one should be giving these people a break for what a living thing had to suffer through in order to get to this point. THANK GOD THEY WERE SAVED!

Again, shoutout to my incredible team of volunteers and helpers. I couldn’t have done this without you guys. ❤️

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