Two former stray cats are now “fostering” and “cat training” rescue dogs

So this is Nero and Meli, Zaira’s two amazing rescue cats. Both were found on the streets of Greece – they were just two of the millions stray cats roaming the streets here. Their owner Zaira is a dog rescuer, and the number of foster dogs those two cats have seen come and go over the years is impressive. The dogs in the video are only the ones I had the chance to film. All of this footage was always dog orientated – mainly about showing the dog’s stories, their life in their foster home etc. As the footage kept piling up, I realized that those more than deserve a video of their own, even just a short one. So I did this video for the channel, but I also did it for me, and for Zaira, and for all those memories Nero and Meli have shared with us. They have always been here, steady, confident, always willing to welcome any new dog in. Apart from Zaira’s foster dogs, they have been “cat training” every single one of my rescue dogs too. A visit to their home with my rescues is always mandatory. We spend a couple of hours there, I get to see how my rescues react to the cats’ presence and laugh at the funny, quirky things Nero and Meli are used to doing every time there is a newcomer. Anyway, this is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Rescue is sometimes just about letting go and enjoying those small, “aww” moments of the day. The little things are what keeps us going anyway.

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