You DO NOT Want A Bearded Dragon! 5 BETTER Bearded Dragon Alternatives!

Bearded Dragons are amazing! But everybody has one, SO what id you want a more unique pet lizard with all the personality and ease of care of a Bearded Dragon but a bit more uniqueness? Try these Top 5 BETTER DRAGONS!

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If you’re looking for a more unique bearded dragon maybe you should look into the super common and amazing Uromastyx. These African lizards like it very hot and dry and are absolutely amazing pets! Maybe a species closer to home? Chuckwallas enjoy many of the same things bearded dragons do with no bugs to be fed! These Lizards are great for warm and dry climates! Ackie monitors are super popular and for good reason! These monitor lizards stay small and aren’t too hard to care for. Collared Lizards are smaller but with very bright and vibrant blue coloring. Of course clown agamas or painted agamas are similar but smaller and a great lizard for handling!

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