Signs that a bearded dragon likes you

So you’ve got a bearded dragon as a pet and you’re wondering if it actually likes you? Well, fret no more! In this article, we’ll uncover some telltale signs that your scaly friend has a soft spot for you. From their body language to their playful antics, these little reptiles may not be able to speak, but they sure know how to show their affection. So, keep an eye out for those subtle cues and get ready to bask in the love of your bearded dragon!

Physical Signs of Affection

Head Bobbing

One of the physical signs of affection that bearded dragons exhibit is head bobbing. When your bearded dragon bobs its head up and down, it’s a positive indication that they feel comfortable and content in your presence. This behavior is often seen during social interactions or when you approach their enclosure. The rhythmic movements of their head communicate their happiness and trust towards you.

Arm Waving

Bearded dragons often display arm waving as a sign of recognition and submission. When your bearded dragon waves its arm slowly, resembling a gentle waving motion, it’s their way of acknowledging your presence and showing that they feel safe and comfortable with you around. This behavior is commonly observed when you approach their enclosure or when they are perched on your hand.

Tail Wagging

Tail wagging in bearded dragons is an indication of their contentment and relaxation. When your bearded dragon gently sways its tail side to side, it reflects their positive emotions towards you. This behavior is often seen when they are sitting on your lap or simply enjoying your company. Tail wagging is a delightful physical sign of affection that demonstrates the bond you share with your bearded dragon.

Body Language

Relaxed Posture

A relaxed posture is a clear indicator that your bearded dragon is comfortable and feels at ease in your presence. When they have a relaxed posture, their body will be loose, and their limbs will be extended comfortably. You may notice their head held up, displaying alertness but without any signs of tension. This relaxed body language shows that your bearded dragon feels safe and secure when interacting with you.

Signs that a bearded dragon likes you

Trustful Eye Contact

Bearded dragons often establish trust through eye contact. When your bearded dragon looks directly into your eyes, it’s a sign that they trust and feel connected to you. This eye contact can be gentle and prolonged or quick and deliberate. Maintaining eye contact with your bearded dragon can help strengthen the bond between you and convey a sense of mutual understanding and affection.

Open Mouth Display

An open mouth display in bearded dragons is a display of trust and relaxation. When your bearded dragon opens its mouth slightly, it’s a sign that they are at ease and feel comfortable in their surroundings. This behavior can often be observed when they are basking under the warmth of their heat lamp or when they are in a calm and content state. The open mouth display signifies their overall well-being and positive disposition towards you.

Vocal Communication


While bearded dragons are not known for vocalizations, they can produce a soft chirping sound on occasion. Chirping is most commonly heard during moments of excitement or when they are trying to get your attention. The gentle chirping sound can be endearing and is a unique way for your bearded dragon to vocalize their happiness and interest in you.


Although hissing is generally associated with fear or aggression in reptiles, bearded dragons may occasionally hiss to communicate their discomfort or discontent. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between a defensive hiss and an affectionate hiss. If your bearded dragon hisses while displaying other signs of trust and relaxation, it may be their unique way of expressing their contentment and affection towards you.

Signs that a bearded dragon likes you


Similar to other animals, bearded dragons can emit a gentle purring sound when they are content and enjoying your presence. This soft vibrating sound is often accompanied by a relaxed body posture and displays of physical affection. Purring signifies that your bearded dragon feels secure and comfortable with you, creating a soothing ambiance that enhances the bond you share.

Behavioral Indicators

Following You

When your bearded dragon follows you around their enclosure or even beyond, it’s a clear indication that they feel a sense of attachment and trust towards you. Following behavior displays their desire to be close to you and to explore the world with your presence. It’s important to provide a safe environment for your bearded dragon to follow you without encountering any harm or potential dangers.

Climbing Onto You

Bearded dragons are known for their natural climbing abilities. If your bearded dragon willingly climbs onto your hand, arm, or shoulder, it’s a sign of their trust and affection for you. This behavior showcases their desire to be close to you, and it allows them to observe their surroundings from a different perspective. Climbing onto you provides them with a sense of security and comfort in your company.

Leaning Towards You

When your bearded dragon leans towards you, it’s a strong indication of their fondness and trust. This behavior demonstrates their desire to be in close proximity to you and shows their comfort in your presence. Leaning towards you can often occur during interactions or when they want physical affection and attention. It’s a heartwarming display of their attachment to you.

Eating Habits

Accepts Food from You

If your bearded dragon readily accepts food from your hand, it’s a positive sign of their trust and comfortable association with you. Offering food directly to your bearded dragon allows them to establish a connection between you and their source of nourishment. When they eagerly take food from your hand, it signifies their willingness to engage with you and strengthens the bond you share.

Eager Eating Behavior

Observing your bearded dragon’s eating behavior can provide insights into their level of comfort and affection. If they eagerly approach their food, showing enthusiasm and eagerness during meals, it’s an indication of their positive disposition towards you. Their keen appetite reflects their contentment and enjoyment of their environment, including your presence.

Selective Eating

Occasionally, bearded dragons may showcase selective eating behavior. They may prefer certain types of food or show a distinct preference for the food you offer them. This behavior can also extend to accepting food only from you. If your bearded dragon demonstrates selective eating habits, it demonstrates their trust and reliance on you as their primary caregiver. The recognition of your presence during mealtime strengthens the bond between you.

Physical Interaction

Enjoys Being Petted

Bearded dragons can greatly enjoy being gently petted. If your bearded dragon leans into your touch, closes its eyes, or displays a relaxed posture while being petted, it’s a clear indication of their pleasure and affection for you. Petting allows them to engage in tactile stimulation, and when they actively seek out this interaction, it demonstrates their trust and enjoyment of your presence.

Lifts Limbs for Scratches

When your bearded dragon lifts or extends its limbs when you scratch or gently rub them, it’s a sign of their enjoyment and satisfaction. By raising their limbs, they allow you to access areas that they find stimulating or comforting. This behavior is often accompanied by relaxed body language and can bring them a great deal of pleasure. It shows that they have fully embraced you as their trusted companion.

Sits on Your Lap

If your bearded dragon willingly climbs onto your lap and settles comfortably, it’s a strong testament to their affection and trust in you. Your lap provides a safe and warm space where they can feel secure and content. Curling up on your lap is a behavior they exhibit when seeking physical closeness with you. It allows for bonding time, as they bask in your presence and enjoy your company.